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Chief  Humbatov Famil Yusif oglu

PhD in physics, associate professor 

Total number of employees 15 
Basic activity directions   Application of scientifically-based analytical data in environmental control in Azerbaijan and the region; Development and execution of scientific projects on Environmental Physics and Chemistry oriented to harmful waste treatment and improvement of its technology; Study the processes of harmful substance transport into the Caspian Sea by the rivers of Kura and Aras within NATO SFP 977991 project as well as UNDP, UNEP and Caspian Ecological Program projects.
Main scientific achievements  A Laboratory of infrastructure meeting international standards has been created in ANAS to study heavy metals, radionuclides and pesticides. The Laboratory of has been accredited by NATO project managers, OCSE, IAEA and UNDP. Results on the determination of heavy metals have been obtained at 12 stations installed over the rivers of Kura and Aras in the course of 36 months. An extreme accumulation of Cu and As elements in the bottom sediments of the rivers in Azerbaijan brought by Khrami and Aras rivers from Armenia.