Phone (+994 50) 9614618
Chief  Ilgar Alakbar oglu Alakbarov
Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions   Preparation of the 2-meter and other telescopes of ShAO for astrophysical observations, repairing of the telescopes and carrying out the regular prophylactic works, preparing and investigation of astronomical apparatus, manufacturing of liquid nitrogen, participation in theobservations, development of new equipment and their use. 
Main scientific achievements  For Cassegrain focus of the 2-meter telescope the universal Cassegrain-Eschelle spectrographs are prepared with resolutions R=25000 and R=44000 and new Coude-Eschelle spectrometer has been manufactured with high- and ultra-high resolutions R=120000, R=140000, R=165000, R=200000, R=330000 and R=400000. For Carl Zeiss-600 telescope the photometer-polarimeter system was prepared and investigated which has the useful field of view of 17 minutes. The 2-meter telescope has been modernized and automatized by the help of “ProjectSoft” company from Czech Republic. Mirrors of 2-meter, AZT-8 and Carl Zeiss-600 telescopes has been demounted and installed back after aluminizing of their surfaces in 2013.