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Chief  Elchin Safarali oglu Babayev

PhD in physics and mathematics

Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions   Solar-Terrestrial relations; Investigation of the effect of variations of space weather on the geosphere; Study of the influence of variations of solar, geomagnetic and cosmic rays activity on terrestrial technological

and biological systems (including the human health state) located in the mid-latitude regions; Distant investigation of propagation of very low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic waves in the Earth's ionosphere;

Investigation of solar wind magnetic field distribution near the Earth; Study of relationship between the contrast of coronal holes on the Sun and parameters of the solar wind streams

Main scientific achievements  A series of continuous works were conducted within in the framework of international cooperation, a new scientific direction was developed, interdisciplinary joint studies were carried out in the intersecting areas of scientific areas (astronomy, physics of ionosphere, electrical physics, geophysics, medicine, biology, zoology, etc.)

Complex studies on influence of solar, geomagnetic and cosmic rays activity on terrestrial biological/ecological covered investigation of space weather impact on dynamics of some cardiologic diseases (sudden cardiac death, acute myocardial infarction mortality and morbidity, etc.), the state of the cardiovascular system (cardiac parameters, heart rate variations, blood pressure, etc.), functional state and bioelectric activity of physiologically healthy human brain, psycho- emotional sphere , the dynamics of traffic accidents, the frequency of the spread of influenza, physiological state of some insects, and others.

Complex researches covered the mid-latitudes on the Earth, advanced mathematical and statistical methods and data processing methods were applied in studies, active heliobiological and heliomedical experiments were carried out alongside with statistical epidemiological studies.

The impact of space weather variations on the stable operation of mid-latitude located power supply systems was investigated. The effect of geomagnetic storms of different strength and geomagnetic disturbances of various levels on technological and biological systems was studied separately and in details.

It was revealed that alongside with the strong geomagnetic disturbances, weak and the weakest levels of geomagnetic activity have adverse effects.

The special role of cosmic ray activity in human homeostasis was mentioned.

The influence of heliogeophysical conditions on scintillation of transionospheric microwaves was studied for all latitudes, and in details, for middle latitudes on the Earth.

Joint studies in the fields of solar-terrestrial relations and space weather impacts on technological and ecological systems were carried out in cooperation with scientists from Israel, United States, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium) and other countries, based on the obtained most important results there have been published dozens of articles in serious foreign journals there have been registered dozens of citations to these papers, obtained results were discussed at more than 50 international conferences, symposiums and seminars.

Research on solar- terrestrial relations and the impact of space weather variations on the geosphere were included in the program of the International Heliophysical Year of NASA (İnternational Heliophysical Year - İHY:, an international journal "Sun and Geosphere" (http:// /) (first editor in chief and present honorary editor is Elchin Babayev) first began to be published in the ShAO.

Within the framework of international cooperation, relations were established with the Stanford University (USA) agreement was achieved on installation of modern device for ionopsheric investigations to be carried out at ShAO. In 2008 employees of Stanford University have installed a device for distant investigation of propagation of very low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s ionosphere and have connected it to the international network. Currently Space Weather Center is being constructed at ShAO.

Alongside with scientific researches, a special attention is paid to the popularization of knowledge in the fields of solar-terrestrial relations and space weather impacts, scientific-popular articles are published, interviews are prepared, space weather predictions are made on a daily basis.