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Chief  Parvana Khosrov Garakhani 
Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions   Preservation of central specimen fund and enrichment with new plant species, preparation of regional floras, information function of plant biodiversity based on Azerbaijan and world collection, specimen exchange with other local and foreign scientific organisations.
Main scientific achievements  Many fundamental and applicative works have been published: First edition of Flora Caucasus, Flora of Azerbaijan in 3 volumes, Flora of Azerbaijan in 8 volumes (in russion language), Trees and bushes of Azerbaijan in 3 volumes, Medicine plants of Azerbaijan, Grains of Azerbaijan and so on. Currently 1st, 2nd and 3rd volumes of Flora of Azerbaijan and Red Book of Azerbaijan have been prepared for the second edition in Azerbaijani language. Computer base datas of bank resources of plants have been prepared in international level. Digitalization of specimen fund has been done, specimens have been included to Europe database, information and advice room has been set up for those interested.