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Chief  Ibadullayeva Sayyara Jamshid gizi
Doctor of biological sciences
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Botany (floristica, geobotany), biological resources 
Main scientific achievements  Ethnobiology of some medicinal, food and spicy herbs used by the people in the flora as well as their areal and populations have been studied. The following results concerning to protection arrangements of the threatened species in Naxçıvan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan have been achieved in 2009: Taking into account collection ofThаlitrcum minus; Еchinаphоrа оriеntаlis; subtоrp t.- Е.subthоrpiаnа; Аcillеа tеnuifоliа; Scillа mischhtschеnkоаtа

Species like vegetable plants from the wild nature and selling them in markets realized according to the ethno-characteristic surveys and investigations carried out in Naxçıvan AR it is recommended to access them into scientific literature like  food plant.

The species getting less and less areal on the result of their spontaneous collection were introduced into their spread areal on the purpose of their natural reintroduction and restoration.

Abundance ofCapparis herbosa Species in different phyto-zones of Shahbuz, Sharur and Bahbek Regions has been defined; it was recommended: their purveyance in 1,2,5 populations of the g2phase is suitable and they can be used like a source of medicinal raw material. At cenological evaluation of the plant population it was realized:  purveyance resource of the cenopopulations possessing much efficiency index (1,2,5;  ω=0,61-0,77; fruit 268-421 c/kg) is more.

In the direction of ethnobotanical analysis of the useful plants in the Absheron, study of current situation of their areal and bio-ecological properties, investigation of ways of reintroduction of the threatened species the following results have been achieved in 2010:

188 species belonged to 63 genera of useful plants and the plants of economical significance in the Absheron area have been defined. 48 species of food plants are cereals and legume, 30 sp are fruit plants and grasses, and the rest 110 sp belong to spicery and medicinal plants.  

Areal of the determined plants has been specified and ways of their rational and efficient use were researched;

18 species belonged to 16 genera of rare and threatened for Absheron flora have been observed. Protection arrangement of these species was divided into four groups:  preservations establishment; populations control; areal specification and purveyance limitation.

New mathematical formula compiled to define project cover and productivity in the background of geobotanical ways in Kür-Araz Meadows and Along Araz Plains that is the base of winter pastures of Azerbaijan and including general danger of desertification have been used during researches carried out in ethno-biological investigations in 2011.

According to the formula it’s possible to determine to what group (poor, middle, strong and very strong) the desertification concerns in winter pastures.

First in 2012 a new areal of Viscum album L.