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Chief  Dr. in technique Mammadov Ali Isa oglu
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

-Development (Production) of ferroceramic and active composite materials for extreme working conditions (high and low temperatures, radiation, and pressure) and research of electro physical and structural properties.

-Development and production of devices for continuous monitoring of physical parameters.

-Method of non-destructive complex analysis of surfaces in sub-micron scale by scanning probe microscopy. 
Main scientific achievements 

-At high temperatures and pressure, structural phase transitions in the ferroelectric perovskites of PbTiO3, NaNbO3, BiMnO3 was studied. It was found that in PbTiO3 at T ≈ 720 K and P ≈ 2.5 GPA upon transition to a paraphrase, a sort of change occurs; a phase transition from the first to the second happens. NaNbO3, with P pressure ≈ 1.6 GPa, was observed to have a phase transition from an orthorhombic phase to a rhombohedral phase. For BiMnO3 the appendix of high pressure causes essential reduction of critical temperature of phase transition from a monoclinic phase to an orthorhombic phase with a coefficient of pressure of dTC/dP = – 39 (1) K/GPA.

- Methods of neutron diffraction with high pressures of 5.4 GPA at room temperature and power dispersive x-ray diffraction with high pressures of 4 GPA, in the range of temperatures of 300 – 400K, the crystal structure of the anti-ferroelectric material of Pb2MgWO6 was also investigated. Temperature and pressure dependences of parameters, volume of an elementary cell and interatomic lengths of communication were received; coefficients of thermal expansion and modules of comprehensive compression for the antiferroelectric and paraelectric phases Pb2MgWO6 were calculated.

- Developed and produced autonomic Data Logger, for continuous monitoring of air temperature, humidity and solar power intensity.

- Developed and produced PC based data acquisition system for recording, processing and visualization of experiments data.

- Developed and produced digital device for RLC measurement at different frequencies.

- Developed method of non-destructive complex analysis of surfaces in sub-micron scale by scanning probe microscopy. The method intended for simultaneous measurement of wide range of surface parameters. This method allows physicochemical analysis of surfaces in sub-micron scale.