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Diagnostics of semiconductors structures

Main scientific achievements 

1) For the first time, taking as an example the γ-irradiation of monoclinic TlInS2, it was  established  that  large  irradiation  doses lead to the structural phase transition of the crystal, to its more stable state of hexagonal structure. It was found that along with impurity potential fluctuations, the impurity fluctuations of optical parameters, in particular the refraction coefficient, and hence those of dielectric  (~1500 Mrad and more)  permeability.

2) In AgS semiconductor crystals with an ionic bond with an increase in temperature up to T=311K, disordering (meltdown) of the sublattice of Ag metal ion (1) occurs, which causes growth of superionic conductivity  phase transition (PT1), and with a further increase in temperature also that growth of Ag sublattice (PT2).