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Chief  Corresponding member of ANAS Aliyev Chingiz Said oglu
Total number of employees 15
Basic activity directions   - Investigations of integral radioactivity and radionuclide composition of rocks, soils, waters, dir, bottom sediments etc.;

- Determination of the background radioactivity and amount of radioactive elements in different lithologo-stratigraphic complexes and development of a method of radiostratigraphy;

- Studies of radioactive fields linked with seismicity, geodynamic processes and oil-gas potential;

- Determination and tracing the tectonic dislocations, assessment of their recent activity;

- Studies of radon radioactive fields of mud volcanoes and creation monitoring systems;

- Evaluation of radionuclide contamination of different territories and studies of their nature;

- Studying of the distribution of radon volume activity in the territory of Azerbaijan;

Main scientific achievements  - The maps of the natural radioactivity of depression zones of Azerbaijan and the central part of South-Eastern Caucasus in the scale 1:200 000 have been constructed;

- The map model of the natural radioactivity of the territory of Azerbaijan in the scale 1:1 000 000 has been constructed;

- The scale of normal gamma-ray background of the Meso-Cenozoic rocks complex has been constructed;

- The scientific bases of allocation of the tectonic structures and discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the traps of any type have been developed;

- It is developed scientific fundamentals for identification of active tectonic structures and hydrocarbonic deposits discovery;

- It is determined regularities of variation of radioactive fields linked with seismic, geodynamic processes and technogenic activity;

- It is constructed a model of bathygenic distribution of radioactivity by the superdeep well cores; data assessed the radiogenic – heat inflow to the total heat flow of the depression zones;

- It is determined correlation and cyclic character of the change of radioactive and geochemical parameters in the sedimentary rock section of Eastern Azerbaijan, studied the nature of the increased radioactivity of the middle Jurassic and Maikopian deposits in Azerbaijan;

- It is created the models of the formation of radioactive fields over the oil deposits;

- It is developed scientific fundamental to monitoring of the radiation in different regions of the country, cities and other populated areas and also inside some building;

- It is compiled a map of natural radioactivity of the Absheron peninsula on a scale 1:200 000, (with technogenic anomalies);

- It is constructed the map of the background radioactivity of same oil and gas recovering areas and technogenic contamination areas are distinguished; mechanism of the formation of radionuclide contaminations is shown;

- The new scientific direftion- Medical Geology has been developed;

- The map of the distribution of radon volume activity for the territory of Azerbaijan have been constructed; zones with the anomalous radon concentrations have been discovered; the radon cadastre has been made.