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Chief  Isayeva Manija Isa gizi
Dr. of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor 
Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   - Definition of Earth magnetic field distribution in different epochs and its nature, its evolution, and also solution of practical geology problems;

- Study of Earth Crust deep structure and the upper mantle; 

- Obtained kinematic parameters for plates movement are defined and paleolatitudes

Main scientific achievements  Integrated experimental studies, conducted by department members allowed to obtained the following results:

- For the first time reference magnetastratigraphic scale for Azerbaijan Phanerozoic was compiled, it is basis for stratification of sedimentary series, age dismemberment, correlation and establishment of borders for stratigraphic subdivisions of continental and marine deposits.

- Magnetostratigraphy of South Caspian bottom sediments allowed to dismember Pliocene-Holocene sediments, to make correlation within oil and gas bearing structures and timing on paleomagnetic data. - Paleomagnetic - tectonic criteria of oil and gas content of deepseated deposits have been revealed and paleolatitudinal belts are determined where sediments of studied age can be maximum productive. It is defined that change in sedimentary magnetization of mountain rocks near epicentral zones can be determined by reversible processes which reflect in local variations of tension of geomagnetic field (seismomagnetic effects).

- The history of the Lesser Caucasus tectonic development was studied in detail on Paleomagnetic data, its block structure is shown, depths of magmatic chambers of occurrence are defined,

- On the base of data obtained kinematic parameters for plates movement are defined and paleotectonic reconstructions of the main plates position in Azerbaijan part of the Lesser and Greater Caucasus are conducted and also their comparison with data of adjacent areas,

- For the first time “Anomaloys magnetic field” of the territory of Azerbaijan Republic (in isolines), 1:750000