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Chief  Aliyev Adil Abas Ali oglu
PhD on geological-mineralogical sciences, professor 
Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Mud volcanism, the hydrocarbon potential of ultra-deep sediments, alternative energy sources.
Main scientific achievements  1. Scientifically proven link formation, development and manifestation of mud volcanoes with the processes taking place in the Cenozoic molasses troughs;

2. Developed geochemical methods of searches of deep oil and gas deposits in areas of mud and mapping method of extinct underwater mud volcanoes rooted on exploration areas;

3. Determination relationship between the activation of mud volcanoes and seismic activity;

4. The regularities of the spatial distribution of mud volcanoes and their manifestations along the meridian and latitudinal regional faults anticline zones;

5. For the first time in Azerbaijan, conducted geological and geochemical studies of oil shale, widely used (45 types of fuel, medicine, construction, agriculture, etc. products are produced) in the world as an alternative energy source, as well as calculated probably reserves and identified deposits and manifestations, having practical value;

6. For the first time, was made a map of probably reserves of oil shale and natural bitumen in Azerbaijan (scale - 1:1 000 000);

7. For the first time carried out isotopic and geochemical analyzes of pyrite in mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, established a genetic link between δ34S value in pyrites and sulphate sulfur in the waters of volcanoes and determined spatial zoning in the distribution of δ34S in pyrites.