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Chief  Gasimov Chingiz Yusif oglu
PhD in biology
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

Electroencephalographic, electrocardiological and psychophysiological assessment of the physiological state of long-livers living in different geographical areas of Azerbaijan, detection of endemic pathologies, biochemical blood analysis.

Main scientific achievements 

Studies conducted on the Absheron peninsula and in the south of Azerbaijan have shown that environmental factors play a significant role in shaping the longevity phenomenon. Long-livers living on the coast and in the mountainous areas of Absheron do not live to be 100 years old and differ in health status from long-livers living in the south of Azerbaijan. It can be concluded that long-livers living on the Absheron peninsula have less potential for sustainability. The longevity index in the regions of Astara, Lenkoran and Lerik varies depending on the environmental conditions. In all three regions, the number of men is higher than women. Longlivers in Lerik, over 100 years old, live at an altitude of 1500-1600 m above sea level.