Phone (+994 70) 7654765 
Chief  Abbasov Raqif Yusub oglu 

PhD in biology

Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   Investigation of the effect of biological active substances (amino acids, fats of variodes origin adeled in minor content into fodder diet on reproductive function and blood indeces of rabbits white rats and guinea-rig.
Main scientific achievements 

It has been stated that amino acids added in daily fodder diet at a dose 50-150 mq raise reproductive function and blood inderes of rabbits, white rats and guinea-rigs are improved. Different microelements inbluense differently on reproductive function animals. So, two-valevcy copper ions (Cu ++ in a daily dose 1-20mkq added in the diet rouses reproductive function and does haemoqlobin concentration in the blood, white  magnizium ions (Mg +2 ) get worse the mentioned indices in radents