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Director Corresponding member of ANAS Alovsat Gulush oglu Guliyev

Doctor of agrarian sciences, professor

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Deputy directors On scientific affairs

Goshgar Maharram oglu Mammadov

PhD in Agrarian sciences

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On general affairs

Afiz Idris oglu Hasanov

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Scientific secretary Svetlana Mahmud gizi Eyyubova

PhD in agrarian sciences

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E-mail: svetlana.m.eyyubova@gmail.com

Establishment history Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry was created in 1945 on the basis of Azerbaijan branch sector of sciences of Academy of USSR.

For the period of the Institute existence:- prof.V.P. Smirnov-Loginov; acad. D.M. Husenov, acad. V.R. Volobuyev, corresp.mem. of ANAS M.M Salayev, prof. G.Sh. Mamedov.

Some scientific schools were created in the institute: acad. H.A.Aliyev on soil geography and ecology; acad. V.R. Volobuyev. Melioration of soils and power engineering of soil formation;  Agrochemical school, acad. D.M. Huseynov; Genesis of soil diagnostic classification corr.memb. of ANAS M.M.Salayev. Lately the Institute has achieved significant results in agro ecology and environmental monitoring under leadership of corr.memb. of ANAS G.Sh.Mamedov. Anthropogenic soil formation process scientific-theoretic base were worked out by the memb. of corresp. of ANAS M.R.Babayev.

Basic activity directions  Genesis of soils, agroecologiсal bases of fertility reproduction possibilities and soils cadastre, indicative basic on soil resources.
Main scientific achievements  The soil ecological evaluation  conducted in the  natural senozes of the Sey-ranchol and Gobustan massif of Azerbaijan and map scheme has been prepared on a scale of 1:100 000.

An ecological  evaluation of the  soil  cover structures over 7 types defined in Absheron was prepared on the  basis of the relief plastics and computer technology (acad. G.Sh.Mammadov, V.H.Hsasnov)

The new conception of the ecological evaluation  was offered as a result  of the long  fundamental researches conducted in the  Lankaran soils, new approach methods of the agroecological evolution of soil were conducted,  a program of the ecological monitoring organization was worked out. “Azerbaijan Soil Atlas” was printed for the first time in the republic. (acad. G.Sh.Mammadov).

The social  and  ecological  bases of the  rational utilization from soil re-sources  were worked  out in Azerbaijan.

The  methodical bases of the  soils over soil-cadastre regions and improve-ment and specification of the  ecological fertility model parameters of soil  have  been carried out.

“Ecological Atlas” of the  “Azerbaijan Republic” was printed in azerbaijanian, Russian, English. More than 110  maps  on a  scale of 1:500 000 in Atlas consist-ing of the special  subject content form 11 sections were given (acad. Sh. Mam-madov, M.Y.Chalilov, S.Z. Mammadova, 2009). The scientific-theoretic and meth-odological  aspects  of the  agroecological  problems  were investigated in Azerbaijan.

Improvement and comparative evolution  of the  winter pasture soils was con-ducted on the basis of the  ecological-energetic   assessment. The bonitet score of the semi desert  landscape  complexes was determined by accounting of the enehgetic and microelement indicators over the ecological scales. (acad. G.Sh.Mammadov, S.Z.Mammadova, A.B.Jafarov, V.H.Hasanov, A.F.Hasanova)

The ecological bases of the  soil fertility increase, balance of the plants nutri-ent and regime management, pollution level of the regional  fertilization system and soils with the heavy metals were determined.

Total number of employees 202
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Scientific Council:

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Alovsat Gulush oglu Guliyev

Svetlana Mahmud Eyyubova

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

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-       members

Fikret Malik oglu Feyziyev

Leyla  Akif  gızı Babayeva

Dissertation Council

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-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members

Alovset Guluş oglu Quliyev

Eyvaz Mulki oglu Eyvazov

Akif Pasha oglu Gerayzade


Trade Union:

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-       bureau members

Mammadov Mammad İsa oglu 

Ahmadova Solmaz  Mahmud gızı

PR responsible person Feyzullayeva Zarifa Fərhad gızı 
Doctors of sciences