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Chief  Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor Agalarov Jafar Gasan oglu
Total number of employees 16
Basic activity directions   Investigation of wave propagation process in deformable solids. Impact and failure problems. Elaboration of new solution methods. 
Main scientific achievements  Dynamical theory of threads, membranes and networks were worked out, experimental investigations of the wave propagation process in flexible bonds were carried out, and the methods of definition of dynamical properties of materials were developed. A number of problems on failure of structural elements, including for complicated structure materials were solved. For the first time in world practice, the problems on transient wave’s propagation in rectangular bars were investigated from the position of the exact three-dimensional theory and appropriate analytic solutions were obtained. The problems of dynamical failure, when it occurs not on one line, but in different directions, were also were first researched theoretically and experimentally, new results were obtained. Stationary and transient motions of liquid-filled spherical and cylindrical shells in the continuum were investigated. Cylindrical and spherical shells filled with fluid and elastic medium, stationary and non stasinar actions have been investigated in full.

The motion of non-circular plates and membranes.

Fixed problem finding 4 unknown functions for problem determination of the total solution to the problem of three-dimensional elstodinamiki. For this new solution to the wave equation used.