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Chief  Corresponding member of ANAS Akparov Zeynal İba oglu
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   Maintenance of reliable storage of seeds, in the conditions providing their genetic integrity and search of possible ways of activation of organism's natural systems of restoration for prevention of genetic consequences of seeds ageing  at long storage in the conditions of Genbank. Scientific research-works are being implemented in direction of creating of new methods regulated inheritance purity and stability of plant genetic resources, especially, ancient varieties, rare and threatened species.  
Main scientific achievements 

In total in the refrigerating chamber of intermediate term storage 7355 samples of seeds of various groups of the plants concerning 113 family, 443genera, 871 species and 257varieties are collected.  

Inheritance potential of longevity of seeds in various species, intra-specific populations and varieties had been studied and unique method which prognosticated it had been created. 

Use of physical and chemicals for decrease in degree of risk of the genetic consequences resulting aging of seeds of different types of plants, thereby increasing duration of their storage.