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Chief  Ayaz Mammadov 
Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Building, management and development of Institute international relations;

Regular communication with international and regional organizations, genbanks, science centers of foreign countries;

Carrying out scientific research on genetic resources information system;

Participation  in coordination  of PGR republic-wide network activity ;

The inventory of genetic resources of Azerbaijan, the creation and development of computer databases,  management of Central Data Base and the National Information Sharing Mechanism;

Documentation of genetic resources and database training and seminars;

The mass media , information agencies , information for international organizations, newsletters and web pages , the   preparation of  articles in the form of reference, reports, publications , posters and booklets ;

Update of the Institute web site (, web pages on Azerbaijan Plant Genetic Resources in pages of the FAO web portal (, the web pages related to the  institute in NASA portal (;

Translation of Institute News, descriptors and other literature on the study of plants, the projects and the grants;

Solving the technical aspects of the Institute 's participation in international projects;

Issues  related to Employee participation and organizational the research carried out abroad;

Management of the Institute's computer network, computer equipment and software maintenance services. 
Main scientific achievements  The information system on Azerbaijan plant genetic resources was created.

Central database, information system of the National Gene Bank, National Information Sharing Mechanism etc. were created.

Biogeographic Research of folk selection varieties and crop wild relatives was carried out.

By the help of newly-established and well-known IT the taxonomic diversity of  Azerbaijan national collections on PGR were evaluated, the gaps in ex situ collections were defined, on basis of it the recommendations for the collection and recovery activities were prepared.