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Chief  Aydin Musa oglu Asgarov 

Doctor of biological sciences

Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions  

1. To identify ecobotanical, systematics (molecular phylogeny), morphobiological varity and cenopopulation of Crop Wild Relatives (CWRs).

2. To identify areals, ecological groups, altitutes and habits of Plant Genetic Resources.

3. To investigate incide and outside biomorphological changes Plant Genetic Resource sunder influence of ecological factors

4. To investigate rare, endangered and endemic species and its’ ecological evaluation, collection of their seed and embryo plasma for restoration and the preparation of the enforcement measures.

5.To prepare new classification of plant genetic resources and the strategies is determined on its’ effective use, restoration and protection.

Main scientific achievements 

The original classification of wild ancestors of cultivated plants of Azerbaijan’s flora has been prepared as a result of organizations scientific expedition and use of modern research methods; the bio ecological characters of species entered important food and agriculture geneses were applied, the herbaria fund was created in accordance with international standards, rare, endangered and endemic species has ecological evaluated,  system of actions were developed for its’ restoration, some of them added Red Book (new edition) of Azerbaijan, re-evalutaion of endemic and subendemic species were done (146 endemic, 402 subendemic). The collected germplasm materials were handed over to Central Genbank of Azerbaijan. 1093 species belonging to 149 genera were found with the help of modern methods and scientific expeditions in accordance with CWRs  in the Caucasian region of Azerbaijan and  have been shown its’ 4 groups of the gene pool.  A lot of new species were discovered at the result of analysis and numerous species’ new prevalence areas were found.

The results were published several monographs and articles: Higher plants of Azerbaijan, I – III volumes, Baku 2005-2008 (A.M.Askerov); Synopsis of the flora of Azerbaijan Baku, Science, 2011. (A.M.Askerov); Plant of Azerbaijan, Baku, 2016.(A.M.Askerov); Medicinal plants and its usage, Baku, 2015. (F.Meclumov); Crop Wild Relatives of Azerbaijan, AMEA Soil and Agrochemistry, 2013. (A.M.Askerov) ; Taxonomic studies on genus Trofolium L(Fabaceae Lindl.) in Azerbaijan, AMEA GEI, 2012. (A.M.Askerov) ; Biomorphological evolution of Azerbaijan Trifolium L., AMEA GEI, 2015. (A.M.Askerov)