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Zakire Imamverdi gızı Aliyeva


Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

Computerization of philological research;

Introduction and maintenance of the site;

Development, publication and promotion of literary information resources;

Organization of integration processes of scientific achievements in philology.

Main scientific achievements 

1. "Literary Criticism" newsletter (4 issues per year, 2002-2011);

2. Alieva Z. Azada Rustamova. Bibliographic index. - Baku: Publishing House "Elm", 2003, 140 p.

3. Efendiev E., Alieva Z. "Azerbaijan" - 80 "bibliograficheky pointer literary magazine. - Baku: Publishing house "Chap-Chinar", 2004, 544 p.

4. Efendiev E., Alieva Z. Hamid Arasly. Bibliographic index. - Baku: Publishing House "Elm", 2009, 304 p.

5. Efendiev E., Alieva Z. Anar. His life and works. - Baku: Azerneshr, 2011, 830 p.

6. Efendiev E., Alieva Z. Prisoner of the century. Baku: Azerneshr, 2011, 628 p.

7. Scientific publications of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami. I part. Books: Bibliographical Index. - Baku: Publishing House " Elm ve Tahsil ", 2013, 360 p.