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Mammad  Aliyev Irac oglu   

Doctor of Philology,  prof.
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions  

-   The main direction of scientific activity of the department is to investigate common literary and cultural, aesthetic, theoretical and philosophical problems in the literature of Tukic Nations, the literary-cultural relations - Turkish Sufi Literature: its historical tradition, development trends, common and distinctive features; the role of old Turkic epic of  folklore, folk poetry tradition and ashug poetry in the formation of written literature of Turkic nations,  Turkish Divan literature; specificities of Turkish literature; Turkish people as a new stage in the literature of XIX century: historical and literary traditions and modern species, genres, enlightenment and jadidism; Development trends of the XX century literature of Turkic peoples (new themes, ideas, problems,  literary currents, mastery tools and  etc.), development directions of the Turkish prose, the literature of European Turks, the life and creativity of prominent writers and poets, preparation of the anthology about Turkish literature and organization of conferences, symposiums and disputes. 

Main scientific achievements 

The department has organized two international scientific conferences such as “Living Yunus Emre” (9-10 December, 2013) and “The literature of Turkic Nations, origin, development stages and problems” (1-2 December, 2015, practical scientific conference “Magtymguly Pyragy, messenger of friendship and brotherhood” (6 May, 2014) and Magtymguly praised the friendship and solidarity” (25 May 2015).

In accordance with the Literature of Turkic nations is planned to preparation and publication of 10 volume anthology. The first volume - "The Turkish poetry anthology" has been submitted for publication.

At first time in the department has been studied the issues such as poetic of Bulgarian version of Koroglu, Turkish literature in XIX century: literary development trends, ethnic, national identities, development trends of epic kind in Azerbaijani- Gagauz literature, formation issues of Karachay literature, Tatar enlightenment in XX century, Azerbaijani-Uzbek literary traditions, jadidism in Kazakh literature of XX century systematically. The life and creativity of personalities such as Garajaoglan, Seyrani, Yunus Emre, Nijati, Sheykh Galib, Fazil Husnu Daglarca, Alimjan Ibrahimov, Peyami Safa, Mukhtar Auezov has been investigated. 

In 2009-2013 years “Literature of Turkic nations” magazine was published.  6 number of magazine about different problems has been printed.