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Alishanov Shirindil Hasan oglu 

Doctor of philological sciences 
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Basic activity directions  

The preparation of anthologies about development trends and characteristics of  XX century (the Soviet period), evaluation of poetic, life and creativity of  classics in XX century ( soviet period) Azerbaijani literature and different genres of  XX century (soviet period) Azerbaijani literature.

Main scientific achievements 

1. XX century (soviet period) Azerbaijani literature has been investigated systematically, in the third volume of Azerbaijani literature (1960) was explored the literature of this period.

2. The literature of this period was investigated in II volumes “Azerbaijan in Soviet literature history” (1967).  In these 2 volumes, published with editorship of academician, Mammad Arif the literature of that period is investigated according to historical periods and genres. 

3. Literature in 1920-1990 years was written on the basis of methodological principles in new and independence period in the VI volume Azerbaijani literature (7 volumes).

4. Monographs and scientific-publicist books have been written on notable classics of XX century (soviet period) Azerbaijani literature such as Samad Vurgun, Suleyman Rustam, Rasul Rza, Mikayil Mushfig, Mir Jalal, Suleyman Rahimov, A.Abulhasan, Anver Mammadkhanli, Mehdi Huseyn, Ilyas Afandiyev, Mammad Arif, mammad Jafar, Isa Huseynov, B.Bayramov, Bakhtiyar Vahabzade, Ismayil Shikhli, Anar, Elchin, I.Malikzade and others. 

5. Series of magazines (“Issues of XX century Azerbaijani literature”, I-IV books) dedicated to the literary-theoretical problems of XX century (soviet period) Azerbaijani literature have been published.

6. Anthologies according to the genres of XX century (soviet period) Azerbaijnai literature have been published. First 4 volumes dedicated to the poetry has been printed.