Hamidov İmamverdi Yaver oglu 

Doctor of sciences on philology
Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions  

- To study formation and development features of Azerbnaijani literature since XIII century till today;

- To study problems related with areal, expansion, investigation and translation “Avesta”;

- To study common Turk monuments;

- To study literary heritage of Azerbaijani poets and writers who wrote their works in Arabian and Persian and their philalogical translation to Azerbaijani. 

Main scientific achievements 

1. There were studied life, environment, literary-cultural relations of  Khaqani Shirvani, artistic pecularities of his works and meaning, poetical news that he introduced to the poetry.

2.There were invstigated turkish sources, pecularities of Nizami Gancavi, his benefiting from artisitic expressions and some problems of poetry.

3.There were investigated explorative problems of the heritage of Khaqani Shirvani, Nizami Ganvavi and Mahammad Fuzuli in Arabian literature.

4.There were studied turkish existence and character that are presented in arabian literary-artisitc and historical sources.

5. There were studied a lot of main theoretical basis of classical Eastern and Azerbaijani poetry, quran rhetoric and problems of classical Azerbaijani literature.

6.It was defined  widely the position of Omar Ganji, BarakaveyhZanjani, MaghlisiMaraghai, Masud ibn Namdar, ArifArdabili, MujiraddinBeylagani, BadrShirvani for the first time and it was conducted  literary-theoretical analysis of the samples in Arabic language in the history of Azerbaijani literature.

7. It was investigated the life and activity of Mashati Ganjavi and Mujiraddin Beylaqani.

 8. Problems of interpretation and literature were analyzed and estimated from the contemporary literary-theoretical thought of view in the work of “Sharh- Mufaddaliyat” of KhatibTabrizi.

9. There were proved that the work  of “Axbarul-Majnun and asharuhu” of Abu Bakr Valibi is one of the main written sources of “Leyli Majnun”,Valibi’a adherence  with Azerbaijan and X century.

10. The work of Abubakr ibn Xosrov “Munisama” was estimated as a example of artistic poetry and “adab” genre.

11. There were  conducted investigations related with artistic expression of  islam factor, religious subject and motives in classical Azerbaijani literature.

12. The investigation of the heritage of Mahammad Fuzuli and Saib Tabrizi were estimated and investigated in English orientalism.

13. Literary-artistic heritage of  Shihabaddin Suhraverdi and Eynulquzat Miyanachi were investigated.