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Kamran Imran oglu Aliyev  

Doctor of Philology, professor
Total number of employees 17
Basic activity directions   Investigating of problems of influence of folklore to written literature, the using of principles from folklore and mythology, investigation of mutual influence of written literature and common poetics problems 
Main scientific achievements  1. Epos-study: problems, discussions, thoughts. Baku, 2013. Bakı, Elm ve tehsil, 2013;

2. Folklore and written literature. Book 1. Baku, Nurlan, 2013.

3. Firidun bay Kocharli: oral and written literature. Baku, Nurlan, 2013 .

4. Folklore and written literature. Book 2. Baku, Elm, 2016.

5. Bakhtiyar Vahabzade and folklore.