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Fuzuli Bayat Kheyrulla oghlu Gozalov 

Doctor of sciences on philology, assistant professor

Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions   The determining  of the modern  stage features of Azerbaijani folklore history, the content of  its internal development,  basis for the emergence of folklore in modern conveniences, their specific peculiarities, literary opportunities, the richness of the form-context, the relations  between  the genres,  the research of people thinking of creating an image in modern period, the investigation of new folklore genres that has been formed as a result of changing folklore sphere in modern urbanization period, the research of folklore genres that has not been learned till nowadays 
Main scientific achievements  F. Bayat. Turkish shamanism in main lines. Istanbul, Otuken,  2009;

F.Bayat. Turkish dervish (sufi) literature. Baku, Science and Education, 2011;

Masalli Folklore Samples. II volume. Compiler:F.Bayat. Baku, Science and Education,  2013;

The music album “Halaylar”(folk dance), Baku, 2013