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Ramazan Oruj oglu Gafarli  

Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor 
Total number of employees 15
Basic activity directions   1. Investigations carried out on the directions of poetics, textual criticism, idea-content problems of the book “Dede Gorgud”;

2. Activity about the publication of scientific-literary journal “Dede Gorgud” (writing of articles, editing, translation, correcting and etc.). In the journal the investigations about poetics, textual criticism, different scientific-theoretical, practical problems about folklore, at the same time new folklore examples are published.

3. Activity of training specialists on folklore-study and gorgud-study directions.

Main scientific achievements  1. A. Tanriverdi. “Horse cult in the book “Dede Gorgud”, Baku, 2012.

2. R. Kamal. “Kitabi-Dede Gorgud”: the system of speech genres”, Baku, 2013.