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Chief  Hagigat Aliashraf gizi Javadova 

Doctor of sciences in technics, professor

Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   On the base of mineral synthetic and semi synthetic base oils development of new lubricating compositions having high viscosity-temperature, detergent-dispersive, antioxidants, anticorrosive, antiwear  and  antifoaming properties and low freezing point for internal combustion engine. 
Main scientific achievements  New analogues of motor oils with use of Baku base oil for automobiles, auto tractors, ships and stationary diesels: М-10Г2к, М-10В2, М-14В2, М-12ВБ и М-14ГБ, М-14Г2 have been developed.

Azerbaijan patents on above mentioned oils have been obtained and the industrial production of them at the "Azerneftyagh" plant of SOCAR has been organized;

To provide repeated use of waste (used) engine oils a new technological process of regeneration has been developed. On the base of regenerated oils with use of an additive composition an analogue of the industrial oil has been developed;

There has been established an opportunity of using regenerated oils as base oil in production of various engine oils.

By using a number of biocides as additives new bio-stable lubricating compositions have been developed. It has been established that addition of biocides α-phenyl-β-nitroethyl and α-furyl-β-nitroethyl fully protects lubricating compositions from fungi and bacteria.