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Chief  Mahizar Najaf gizi Aliyeva 

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, main researcher

Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions   Analytical studies of organic compounds, initial, intermediate and final products of additives to lubricating oils, fuels and specific liquids, developed at the institute;

Working out of the new methods of analytical study.

Main scientific achievements  The methods of vapor phase chromatography for study of high boiling and polar products of petrochemical synthesis have been developedцеолит;

For the first time there has been experimentally studied distribution mechanism and suggested a new model;

It has been established that substitution of inert gas for vapor as mobile phase increases the efficiency of columns, decreases asymmetry of chromatographic zones and separation of high boiling organic compounds;

There has been realized the process of chromatography in the vapor flow in the capillary chromatography, developed solid medium on the basis of natural zeolite – diatomite, used two highly sensitive agents – formamide and carbon bisulfide to identify the organic compounds, developed new adsorbents on the base of natural zeolite – clinoptilolite and tuff;

The elaborated methods have been also applied for analytical control over the industrial production of alkylphenols.