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Chief  Mirza Mammad oglu Movsumzadeh

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor

Total number of employees 12
Basic activity directions   Synthesis and investigation of additives improving operational properties of fuels.
Main scientific achievements  As antismoke additives a variety of metal-containing compounds have been synthesized;

A number of new organic compounds containing certain functional groups and hetero-atoms have been developed. It has been established that the most effective antismoke additives to diesel fuels are barium and calcium containing derivatives of alkylphenols;

There has been developed and commercialized antismoke additive ИХП-706;

There has been developed antioxidant to jet oils ИХП-712;

New inhibitors of metal corrosion for corrosive medium containing carbonic acid and hydrogen sulfide have been developed;

A new fuel composition on the base of boric acid and antismoke additives has been developed;

Works on creation of biodiesel fuels by trans-etherification of vegetable oil in the presence of nano catalyst are being conducted.