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Chief  Fikret Alaskar oglu Mammadov 

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor 

Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of new nitrogen and sulfur containing organic compounds synthesized on the base of phenols and acetophenones, investigation of them as biological active compounds and corrosion inhibitors.
Main scientific achievements  The new nitrogen and sulfur containing derivatives of phenols, bis-phenols, mercaptophenols and  mercaptoacetic acid have been synthesized. On the base of these compounds there have been developed and approved for the application corrosion inhibitors and biocides. Among them there are  ИК ИПГ - inhibitor, preventing corrosion of metals in acidic medium, it was used in the oil and gas industry in Central Asia and the Oil Stones. ИКЛаб-4 is the additive regulating the structural and mechanical properties of the fluids used in oil and gas production. Aminofen and AK-3 are additives preventing salt deposition and biocovering in the water circulation system . AK-3 was tested at the factory "Nitron" (Saratov) and applied in the industry. Aminofen - this is a substance that prevents biodamage of cutting fluids (CF). At the same time it is suggested to use as a disinfectant and antiseptic in the medicine and as universal biocide in veterinary and petrochemical industry.