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Chief  Nazim Pirmammad oglu Mustafayev 

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor 

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of highly effective antiscuffing and antiwear additives and investigation of interrelation between their chemical structure and lubricating properties;

Development of transmissional and industrial oils meeting present-day requirements with use of new and well known additives.  

Main scientific achievements  Hundreds of new sulphur, chlorine, nitrogen, phosphorus containing organic compounds, efficiently reducing wear and seizure of frictional surfaces, have been synthesized and investigated;

The technology of obtaining antiscuffing additives ИХП-14A and ИХП-14M has been developed, production of them has been realized in Russia at the Yaroslavl Refinery;

By use of Baku base oils, the analogues of many foreign transmission TAД-17И, TAП-15В and industrial ИTД, ИГП oils and hydraulic liquids providing normal work of mechanisms used in the republic today have been developed;

On the base of local raw material and compositions of new additives new gas-turbine oils have been created (grant from Science Development Foundation EİF-2010-1(1)-40/35-M-4).