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Amirchoban Nasir oglu Agayev

Doctor of science in technics, professor 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of alkali-earth metal salts of alkylaromatic sulfoacids  of various origin, and application of them as detergent-dispersive additives to motor oils, corrosion inhibitors and additives to cutting fluids.
Main scientific achievements  Scientific bases of synthesizing sulphonate additives of HCK, C-150 and C-300 types meeting the present requirements, based on Baku mineral oils, synthetic and semi-synthetic raw material, have been developed;

Methods of synthesis of multifunctional base and high-alkali additives on the base of alkylphenols with different structure have been studied;

Interrelation between structure and effectiveness of additives mentioned has been studied;

New original methods for obtaining highly efficient additives have been developed;

There has been developed technology of ecological production of multifunctional additives of hydroxyalkylbenzylsulfonate type on the base of alkylphenols of various structure without sulfonation stage;

Lubricant compositions for specific engines have been produced and applied in industry;

On the base of the results obtained specific recommendations on application of some synthesized additives in motor oils of various series have been given.