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Chief  Masuma Huseyn gizi Mammadova

PhD in technique, prof.

Total number of employees 6
Basic activity directions   1. Artificial intelligence and the socio-information technologies;

2. Application of the Azerbaijani language in virtual space;

3. Formation of e-health.

Main scientific achievements  - The application and the development of mathematical devices and tools of artificial intelligence for solving the problems of the sociolinguistic technology:

- Basics of fuzzy relational structured knowledge processing and its applications were worked out;

- The methods for intelligent decision support of personnel ma-nagement were developed;

- AZEREKS decision support system in scientific and organizational activity and obtaining copyright certificate of the system was developed.

- Fuzzy knowledge-based models and synthesis methods were proposed for the intelligent management of technological processes;

- Intelligent decision support methods were developed for the operational and dispatch management problem solutions in energy systems;

- Flight data processing was developed for the intelligent control of pilotage techniques; pilotage figures recognition and the evaluation of the execution quality of flight instruction were resolved;

- Formal Azerbaijani language models and creation of linguistic processor were developed;

- Determination of optimal structure of automated dictionary in machine-translation system;

- Conceptual basis of automated Azerbaijani text processing of was developed on the basis of knowledge base and expert systems;

- The models and methods were developed for the intelligent support of the personnel managem ent decisions in the organiz ation;

- “Intelligent demographic forecast system” was developed for demographic forecasts solution;

- The oretical and conceptual basis of intelligent management ofhuman resources was developed;

-The oretical and methodological basis of intelligent management of supply and demand in the labor market of IT specialists was developed;

- 9 E-health, the essence of the modern state of

- The essence, state-of-the-art, scientific problems and prospects of e-medicine were studied.