Phone (+994 12) 4902476 
Chief  Guliyeva Jamila Gulam gizi 
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   Preparation of normative-technical documents to the oil products that obtaining as the results of the scientific researches and produced in oil refineries of the Republic.
Main scientific achievements  During its activity (1969-2014) in laboratory 15 ASS (Azerbaijan State Standards), more than 100 Technical Terms, 35 scientific articles, 45 theses and 2 books: “Зарубежные моторные масла. Справоч­ный материал” (2008) və “Neft və neft-kimya məhsullarına Azərbaycan Respublikasının Dövlət Standartları” (2012) were published. Dictionary “Terms used in the oil and petrochemical industry” has been prepared and has been presented to the “Elm” publishing.