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Chief  Dr. in chemistry Mammadbayli Eldar Huseyngulu oglu
Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Synthesis and properties of optically active functional substituted alycyclic physiological active compounds, novel nitrogen contain biologically active, antimicrobial compounds, which can be used against corrosion. Synthesis of novel nitrogen contain compounds- regulators of plants toast and testing. Investigation of optically activity of Azerbaijan oils. 
Main scientific achievements  The synthesis of derivatives of cyclohexene and norbornene having highly antimicrobial and antiseptical activity based on asymmetric here synthesis and tests have been carried out. The amines of diesters of  dicarboxylic acids have been received and highly results during testing its as regulators of plants toast. The optically activity of oils from different fields Azerbaijan have been investigated. The regularity of changing of optically activity of different fractions have been studied