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Chief  Doctor of chemistry, professor, academician

Vagif Muharram oglu Abbasov

Total number of employees 68 
Basic activity directions  

The development of the scientific basis:

- Synthesis of the multifunctional inhibitors of corrosion for environments with abnormal content of carbonic gas, hydrogen sulfide and chloride, the obtaining of demulsifiers, foaming agents, an optically- and surface active agents, conservation liquids, additives to oils, reagents for oil extracting, components of bio-fuels, plant growth regulators, biologically active compounds.

- The investigation of the optical activity of Azerbaijani oil.

- The development of the new methods of obtaining of glues and varnish compositions on the base of hybrid phenolic oligomers.

- Studying of  oligomerization of phenol and its derivatives in the presence of nitrogen-containing compounds , as well as the latest separately with propylene oxide and issuing recommendations on the application of these products as the multinational additives to motor and industrial oils , surfactants and other areas. 
Main scientific achievements  In the result of conducted researches the inhibitors of corrosion on the base of amines and imidazolines have been developed, also on the base of triglyceride have been obtained bio-fuels. The inhibitors of “Kaspi-X”, “Parkorin-1”, “VFIKS-82 brand mark B”, “Kaspi-X(M)”, the solvent of rust “Baki”, a foaming agent “NKPI-34-2”, demulsifier “Xəzər”, “Xəzər-24”have been obtained and implemented in the industry.

Physico-chemical properties, structural-group composition of medical Naphthalene oil which has no analogue in the world have been applied in modern methods. Obtaining technology of white naphthalene oil has been developed. Strong antimicrobial effective compositions have been developed on the basis of white naphthalene oil and oils of medicinal plants

The optical activity of Azerbaijani oil have been investigated. The regularity of changes of the optical activity in various fractions have been sturdied. On the base of cyclohexane and norbornene have been synthesized biologically active compounds of phenolic oligomers, the glues and varnish composition have been obtained.

The researches for obtaining the oligomerization products of phenolic compounds (phenol, monoal-kyl(C8 - C12) phenols, hydroquinone ) with pro-pylene oxide in the presence of nitrogen-contai-ning compounds , as well as recent separately with propylene oxide , investigation of their properties , the using of oligomerization products as multinational additives to motor oils: anticorrosion,  antioxidation, antimicrobials and viscosity, detergents, positive results have been obtained.