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Chief  Tarana Aslan Mammadova 
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   Obtaining  environmentally friendly motor fuels and additives to them on the basis of renewable resources of Azerbaijan 
Main scientific achievements 

Technologies of obtaining biodiesel esters by using cavitational reactor with productivity 720 l/h on basis of vegetable resources of Azerbaijan (cottonseed, sunflower and corn oil), also the variants of their inclusion into obtaining flowsheet of high-quality commodity motor fuels directly on catalytic cracking and hydrofining processes on petroleum refinery were developed. 

The process of obtaining multifunctional oxygen-containing additives on the basis of petroleum acids isolated from Baku oils as well as fatty acids of vegetable oils and glycols by using of heterogeneous catalysts was optimized. Obtained esters have been investigated as resource-saving, antiwear and antistatic additives to diesel fuels with broad quality spectrum.

The process of thermo catalytic conversion of cottonseed oil was researched and the opportunity of obtaining С2-С4 olefin containing gases with yield 65,1-78,1 % mass was determined