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Establishment history As the land of oil production, its industrial processing and production of lubricating oils on an industrial scale, Azerbaijan first in the former Soviet Union began to develop and manufacture additives to lubricating oil.

The first domestic additives in the former USSR that improved the quality of lubricating oils were developed thanks to fruitful team work of specialized laboratory during many years established in 1945 in Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute named after Kuibyshev, headed by academician A.M.Guliyev. For the first time this team carried out fundamental work that became the basis for creation of the industrial production of efficient domestic additives in the country.

For the first time the team conducted fundamental research that became base for creation of industrial production of effective additives.  DepressorАзНИИ lowering freezing point of lubricants, detergent-dispersive  additives АзНИИ-4, АзНИИ-5 and АзНИИ-6  and multifunctional alkylphenol additive АзНИИ-СИАТИМ-1 are first additives  which were created and production of which was regulated.

In 1948 A.M.Guliyev with collaborators were awarded to the title of the State Prize laureate for creation of the depressor АзНИИ  and its use in the industry.

In 1950 A.M.Guliyev with collaborators were secondly awarded to the title of the State Prize laureate for creation of the depressor АзНИИ  and its use in the industry.

Given the importance of the problem and the progress made according to the leading scientists' recommendation in 1965 on the basis of this laboratory consisting of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan for the first time in the country there was profiled the Institute of Chemistry of Additives (ICA).

Academician A.M.Guliyev was a founder, organizer and permanent director of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS till 1987. Since 1987 the Institute has been headed by one of the disciples of acad.A.M.Guliyev  academician V.M.Farzaliyev. 
Basic activity directions  - investigation of theoretical questions of chemistry of additives - action mechanism of additives, correlation between composition and efficiency of functional action, synergism and antagonism of additives, kinetics and mechanism of various organic reactions used for synthesis of additives;

- synthesis of the new organic compounds and investigation of them as additives to lubricating oils, fuels, lubricants and other special liquids and corrosion inhibitors also;

- investigation of functional properties of various types of additives and development of compositions of additives;

- development of various types of lubricating  and fuel compositions, lubricants and other special liquids on the base of newly synthesized additives;

- development of technologies, modeling and optimization of processes of production of newly synthesized effective additives and corrosion inhibitors also. 

Main scientific achievements 

As a result of the fundamental investigations the action mechanism of additives with different functions has been studied, the relationship between composition, structure and functional properties of additives has been identified. Owing to these investigations the purposeful synthesis of high-performance additives with optimal structure has been predicted and realized. So, there have been synthesized a new generation of antioxidants with combined action, high-performance anti-wear and anti-scuff additives, multifunctional alkylphenolate and sulfonate type additives, effective antimicrobial additives to lubricating oils, fuels and special liquids, polymeric additives improving the viscosity-temperature properties of lubricating oils, effective additives to various types of fuels and also inhibitors protecting metals from corrosion. Fundamental studies have also been carried out in the field of the synthesis of new organic compounds and a new generation of additives and developing new methods for their synthesis and studying the kinetics and mechanism of various used organic reactions.

By fine organic synthesis there have been synthesized physiologically-active organic compounds having efficient property such inhibiting formation of carbonic anhydrase -I, -II (iso)enzymes causing cancer. These studies were performed in collaboration with the scientists from Turkey, Italy and Saudi Arabia. At the same time the physiologically-active substances suppressing other microbes were synthesized.

Along with the activities in the field of additives, lubricating oils and special liquids, there has been gained the scientific achievements in the field of solving other problems of the Republic too. So, the rational use technology of the unique medicinal Naftalan oil has been developed by the scientists of the Institute and applied at a pilot scale. In addition to this, high-performance corrosion inhibitors to protect metals from corrosion, reagents stabilizing the physic-mechanical properties of drilling fluids used in drilling, various disinfectants and medicines have been created and recommended for application.

Along with the fundamental research the Institute has achieved perceptible progress in the field of applied research.

The first work of the ICA team applied in industry was production of СБ -3 and СК-3 sulfonate additives.

For the first time at the former USSR, there was started the activity on creation of multifunctional additives and obtained high-performance additives such БФК, БФКу, ИХП-21, ИХП-101 and СБ-3у and developed a number of high-quality motor oils based on Baku and Eastern oils by use of these additives.

Multifunctional polymeric additives of thiophosphinate (ИХП-388) and sulfonate (ИХП-234) types have been obtained and applied at a pilot-industrial scale, and on their basis high-performance motor and hydraulic oils have been developed.

High-performance anti-wear additive of dithiocarbamate type (ИХП-14A) has been developed and its production at a pilot-industrial scale has been organized in Yaroslavl, on its basis there has been obtained TAD-17 ИХП transmission oil. This oil has been recommended for application in transmission knots of the modern passenger cars and trucks. On the basis of ИХП -14A additive there has also been developed and admitted for application BPM- ИХП -1201 reducer oil providing the normal operation of conventional pumping units of the oil field equipment.

A number of additives providing production of motor, transmission and industrial oils have been developed by the ICA of ANAS and their industrial production has been organized in Azerbaijan (Baku, Sumgayit), Russia (Ufa, Perm, Yaroslavl, Novo-Kuybishevsk), Ukraine (Shostka, Kharkov) and Belarus Republic (Novopolotsk). Under the former Union all motor oils produced at Azerneftyagh Oil Refinery were used with the additive compositions created by the ICA.

20% of additives and motor oils produced in the former USSR were additives and lubricating oils created by the ICA scientists.

Lubricating oils (M-16ИХП-3, TAD-17ИХП) which provided the normal work of some special purpose engines and transmission systems, produced in the former Soviet Union, were created by the ICA on the basis of additives developed at the Institute and their production was organized.

As a result of synthesis of effective additives to special purpose synthetic oils working at high temperature (over 2200C) and research conducted in the field of creation of high-quality synthetic oil compositions on their basis, for engines of special purpose jet airplanes there has been developed synthetic oil compositions providing operation at temperature of 2400C.

ИХП-712 additive which effectively improves antioxidant properties of the jet fuels has been developed and its tests have been successfully passed.

The first antismoke additive in the former USSR – ИХП-706 has been developed and admitted for applying. Use of ИХП-706 additive in diesel fuels allows to reduce smoke and carcinogenic substances in exhaust gases by 50 %.

НСК-5у cutting fluid and five ones of Азерол series, which are applied at various machine-building plants of the country in a process of diamond cutting and metal processing, have been developed.

Industrial production of antimicrobial additives such as Азин-1, Азин-2, Азин-3 and Азин-4, protecting cutting fluids and oil products from bio deterioration, has been organized.

To prevent corrosion of oil-field equipment, and to protect the freezing system of the engine from damaging as a result of cavitation, corrosion inhibitors (ИКИПГ, ИКАНАЗ and others) have been created, their obtaining technology has been developed and pilot-industrial production has been organized.

During the first years of sovereignty of our country, when there was a huge situation in the field of additives and lubricating materials, to meet the republic’s needs for various kinds of lubricating oils in the shortest time on the basis of Baku base oils and additives developed at the ICA and produced at the industrial scale, as well as foreign ones, there were created a number of motor oils for various diesel engines (including special purpose ones), transmission oils for various vehicles, production of which was organized at the industrial and pilot-industrial scale. For example, new motor oils which are analogues of M-10В2, M-10Г2, M-14Г2, M-14В2, M-14ГБ oils and M-16ИХП-3 special purpose oils, motor and transmission oils created like foreign analogues providing exploitation of buses and micro-buses brought from abroad.

A new analogue of M-14ГБ motor oil brought from abroad and used in Oil and Gas Production Unit of SOCAR has been developed by the Institute and its production has been organized at the “Aşqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production under the ICA.

A new cutting fluid used at Baku Domestic Air Conditioners Plant instead of Japanese one used earlier has been developed.

AzК-18 conservation oil created at the Institute are widely used at “Baku Pillow Plant” OJSC to protect pillows from corrosion.

To provide the Republic’s needs for various lubricating oils meeting modern requirements a number of lubricating compositions of various purpose (including special) for motor, transmission and hydraulic systems have been created and their technical conditions have been developed.

Manufacture of the created lubricating compositions has been organized at the Experimental-Industrial Plant of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Currently, the plant produced lubricating oils are being used in a number of enterprises of the Republic. Appropriate tests of a number of special-purpose oils developed for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic are conducted.

There has been created additive - «Depressator AKİ», providing transportation of high-paraffinaceous oil through long distance pipeline by reducing their pour point and dynamic viscosity and organized its production at “Aşqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production. Currently, this additive is being successfully used in the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline.

A technology for the regeneration of waste oils, used in various types of internal combustion engines and causing environmental tensions in the Republic, has been developed and by this technology on the base of the regenerated oils and additives, various purposes lubricating compositions for diesel engines, including special ones have been created. Regeneration technology of waste oils and lubricating composition of special purpose developed on the basis of the regenerated oil, which has strategic importance, have obtained confidential patent protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At present, the developed technology is being used at Experimental-Industrial Plant of ANAS.

The scientific activities of the Institute employees are always highly estimated by the State and for the last 15 years they have been awarded many orders, medals, honorary titles and etc.

Academician V.Farzaliyev (2009) and Doctor of Science in Chemistry, prof. M.Movsumzadeh (2005) were awarded the honorary title «Honored Worker of Science» for contribution to the development of chemical science and education.

For achievements in the development of science and technics and application of science results in national economy a group of scientists were awarded: academician K.Sadikhov(2004), academician V.Farzaliyev (2005) and Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry, prof. M.Movsumzadeh (2015) - «Shohret» order; Doctor of Sciences in Technics, prof.H.Javadova (2005), Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry, prof.S.Mammadov and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry M.Safarova (2015) - «Taraggi» medal; Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry F.Asadov (2010) , Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry K.Karimov and B.Abdullayev - the honorary title «Honored Engineer».

In 2001-2003 in succession the Institute was awarded “Gold category”, “Platinum category” and “Brilliant category” international prizes for achievements in the field of development of the quality, science innovations and new technologies by “Initiative Directions of Business” international organization, in 2005 «For Leadership and Enterprising Prestige» and «Leader of Prestige and Quality 2005» international prizes.

Academician V.Farzaliyev was awarded “Academician N.M.Emanuel’s memory” medal (2009) and the most prestige prize of the European Union - Gold Medal and Quality Diploma by the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber (2013).

Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry, Professor Parvin Mammadova was awarded the Prize of Islamic Development Bank (2013) for her achievements in the field of bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils.

Total number of employees


Structural subdivisions


Scientific Council:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


V.M.Farzaliyev - director, doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof., academician

M.R.Safarova - scientific secretary – doctor of philosophy in chemistry, main researcher

M.M.Movsumzadeh - deputy director for scientific affairs - doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof., Academic Council Vice-chairman

M.A.Allahverdiyev - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in technics, prof.

H.A.Javadova – laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in technics, prof.

M. N.Aliyeva - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, main researcher

D.G.Hasanov - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in technics, main researcher

M.A.Musayeva - laboratory chief, doctor of philosophy in chemistry

A.K.Kazimzadeh - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, main researcher

P.Sh.Mammadova - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof.

S.A.Mammadov - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof.

F.A.Mammadov - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof.

N.P.Mustafayev - laboratory chief, doctor of sciences in chemistry, prof.

A.R.Sujayev - chairman of Young Scientists Council, doctor of philosophy in chemistry

S.A.Sardarova - doctor of sciences in chemistry, main researcher

E.A.Nagiyeva - doctor of sciences in technics, main researcher

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members

Afsun Razzag oglu Sujayev

Khadija Hamlet gizi Mammadyarova

Sabiya Farhad gizi Osmanova (deputy chairman)

Sevinj Safalet gizi Gojayeva

Nazar Mohubbat oglu Nazarov

Gunay Garay gizi Ismayilova

Lala Rafig gizi Mahmudova

Gunel Melik gizi Maharramova

Konul Ramiz gizi Kahramanova

Sevinj Aligismat gizi Hasanli

Dissertation Council

-       chairman

-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members


Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members


Fikret Alasgar oglu Mammadov

Nusret Abbas oglu Aliyev

Shovgiya Yusif gizi Hamidova

Ingilab Pasha oglu Ismaylov

Elman Abdulali oglu Zulfugarov 

Doctors of sciences