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Chief  Aliyeva Sayyara GulamDoctor of Engineering, senior research associate 
Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions   The technology of receiving rocket RT, Jet A-1, T-6 fuels, and also basis of hydraulic AMG-10 liquid from mix of the Azerbaijani paraffinic naphthas and products of secondary petroleum refining was developed. And also the technology of receiving the pollution-free solar oil, Evro–3 meeting the requirements, 4 and 5 and improvements of operational properties of solar oils with application of additives is developed. 
Main scientific achievements 

The results of research were introduced at the Baku Oil Refinery named after H. Aliyev on the installation of catalytic cracking of hydro abatement unit 100. The company, after introduction of this technology has a profit 9 million manats a year. Since 2006, the technology for production of fuel grade DT for medium-and low-speed diesel engines has been implemented at the refinery Azerneftyag. Up to days for producing diesel fuel DT refinery is using this technology.

The production schedules on receiving the RT rocket fuel on hydro cleared sections 100 on the G-43 107M installation were made.

On ecological pure technology on receiving from paraffinic naphthas to a basis of hydraulic AMG-10 liquid the Republican patent is taken out.