Phone  (+994 12) 5812148

Chief  Keramova Ramida Aga-Dadash gizi

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Comprehensive geochemical investigations department began its activity in 1979 and till now carries out in Azerbaijan annual seismic fluid dynamic (SFD) survey. These works are carried out by stationary seismic geochemical (SGC) and seismic hydro geodynamic (SHGD) methods. Held SFD monitoring of 26 monitoring areas (ground and sea water, radioactive gas (radon), as well as local ground). The purpose of SFD research is: a) the detection of signs of strong earthquakes; b) rapid assessment of seismic situation on the basis of short-term anomalies in SFD field. 
Main scientific achievements   on the basis of SFD research conducted for 37 years (1979-2016), was established Base of annual SFD monitoring of Azerbaijan seismogenic zone and the fluid of the Caspian Sea.