Chief  Saftar Yusif oglu  Suleymanov

Doctor in biological sciences, professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   The study of the regulator principles of the structural-molecular organization, orientation and formation of thylakoid membranes in chloroplasts and submolecular pigment-protein complexes in higher plants. 
Main scientific achievements  For the first time the topographic model of submolecular pigment-protein complexes have been proposed for spinach. Principles of the formation of pigment- protein complexes of photosynthetic membranes in etiolated wheat plants cultivated under various light regime (continuous and discontinuous light) and structural role of carotenoids in this process were established. Under illumination apoproteins of these complexes were shown to assemble as monomers in plastids and then they were aggregated forming oligomers.
For the first time light-inducible ELIP polypeptides were observed in wheat seedlings at the first stages of senescence.
The effects of abiotic stress factors (drought, salinity, radiation etc.) on plants were studied, changes occurring in the photosynthetic apparatus in the adaptation process under extreme conditions were assessed and marker traits were chosen for the tolerant varieties.