Chief  Ibrahim Vahab oglu Azizov

Correspondent member of ANAS, professor 

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Effect of stress factors on the photochemical activity of chloroplasts 
Main scientific achievements  The study of water regime, protein content and photosynthetic activity of chloroplasts revealed that high activity of chloroplasts in tolerant varieties is related to high RWC, low levels of water deficiency and high levels of protein amounts in leaves. Germination energy and germination percentage of seeds treated with cysteine amino acid complex of zinc sulfate have been found to be higher. Such seedlings were more tolerant to drought and had higher chlorophyll content compared with other variants. Based on germination percentage of seeds, germination energy, growth of seedlings, amounts of photosynthetic pigments and photosynthetic activity the wild wheat variety Triticum dicoccum is more tolerant to the effects of high concentrations of NaCl compared with Triticum monococcum.