Chief  Tofig Husni oglu Garagozov 

PhD in biology 

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Developing and improving microclonal propagation technology of rare and endangered plant species using the example of Aborigine Shirvan-Shahi grape variety. Obtaining highly adaptive and resistant to abiotic stresses forms using in vitro methods. Microclonal propagation of some commercial rose (Rosa L) varieties of the Azerbaijan selection. Developing propagation methods of domestic and foreign barley varieties and variety samples in vitro. 
Main scientific achievements  Regenerant wheat plants were derived from immature embryos using cell engineering methods. Realized adaptive properties of plants were revealed at the whole-plant and cell levels, in vivo and in vitro under salt stress. The share of cell, tissue and organs of intact plants in the total resistance was determined. The effects of NaCl on the protein complex were studied in plant leaves and in calluses grown under normal and saline conditions. The 45-50 kDa protein existing under normal conditions manifested very low expression levels and a spectrum of the new large protein (~ 85 – 90kD), which is uncharacteristic for the normal plant was seen clearly under salinity. The technology of in vitro clonal propagation of 10 valuable grape varieties was developed for obtaining planting material having roots. Isolated cell culture of Panax Ginseng was derived. A strain with high pharmacological activity was obtained to increase the regenerative potential for burns and prevention of staphylococcus infection. The practical application of this technology has been realized. Agroponica cultivation system was developed for the detection of resistance and adaptability degree of plants under an increasing stress gradient. A biotechnological method was developed for the propagation of saffron (Crocus S. L). 10-25 bulbs were obtained in a tube at the stage of organogenesis using temperature gradient. The strategy of the study of the Absheron population of Saffron was developed.