Chief  Alamdar Charkaz oglu Mammadov

PhD in biology, associate professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Assessment of salt tolerance potential of wheat genotypes using molecular markers; Sequencing the genome of STOLBUR-2 isolite of ´Candidadus Phytoplasma solanì• species infecting fruit and vegetable plants (in collaboration with INRA Scientific Center (France)). Comparative study of sugars, phenolic compounds, hydrogen peroxide and malone dialdehyde in durum wheat genotypes under stress. The determination of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer and 6-4 photoproduction (6-4PP) in plant genome under stress using an immunoenzyme method. 
Main scientific achievements  A new effective method of chloroplast DNA isolation has been developed through modification. Chl DNA genomic library of Cicer arietinum was created, psbA gene was localized in the library using Southern Blot analysis. Interspecies polymorphism was established, based on the restriction fragments of chl DNA of Cicer arietinum, Pisum sativum and Glycine max. plants. pCA2 and pCA4 clones were partly sequenced. tRNTAsn and psaI genes were sequenced completely and petA, cemA, 4.5Srrn and accD genes were sequenced partly. Using vectors pAZ1n2 and pAZ2n2, transgenic tobacco plant resistant to Km- kanamycin was derived.
Salinity-induced 63 kDa protein was isolated from halophilic D.salina green alga, which was shown to be carbonic anhydrase.
CAPS markers were developed for elucidation of the evolution of three genomes of wild wheat (Triticeae tribes) varieties - Thinopyrum bessarabicum (Eb), Thinopyrum ponticum (Ee) Secale montanum (R). New specific RAPD primers were chosen for 3Eb and 6Eb chromosomes of Thinopyrum bessarabicum. RAPD markers OPAY05270, OPAZ04950 and OPAZ041000 were detected for 3Eb chromosome and markers OPAY05420 and OPAZ111200 for6Eb chromosome.