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Chief  Babayev Gulam Rustam oglu 
Doctor of Earth’s sciences, associate professor
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

- Investigation and estimation of space-time peculiarities of the seismic regime, seismicity of the region by the statistical and mathematical methods and study of the distribution theory.

- Interpretation of the earthquake focal mechanism and stress state assessment of the Caucasus (WORLD STRESS MAP).

- Defining the main inter-relations and relation of the deformation processes with seismicity, and their assessment.

- Studying the relationship of mud volcanism with earthquakes.

- Distribution study of the stress state formed in the medium by the effect of the strong earthquakes.

- Response evaluation of the seismic processes on the exploration efficiency of the oil deposit.

- Seismic hazard and risk estimation, developing new methods.

- Microtremor researches.

- Paleoseismology. Determination of the “paleoearthquakes” on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Main scientific achievements 

- According to the seismic hazard models, the main seismic and tectonic peculiarities and potential seismogenic structures of Absheron peninsula influenced on the seismicity were defined.

-With the application of Nakamura method, it was defined that ground conditions affect seismic intensity in Baku city.

- Seismic hazard assessment for Absheron peninsula on the basis of probabilistic and deterministic theories was performed.

-With application of clusterization, Alan factor analysis and multidimensional grouping, the dynamics of the seismic events’ frequency were revealed.

- The changes of static and dynamic stress state of mud volcanoes located in Shamakhi-Gobustan and Absheron areas before and after the strong Caspian earthquake occurred on the 25th of November, 2000 were analyzed.

- Modeling of strong ground motion of Baku city on the basis of parameters of scenario earthquakes