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Chief  Aynura Mammadrza gizi Jafarova

PhD in Physics

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

To bring scientific and public activity of ANAS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics to Azerbaijan and world scientific community.

Provide operational management, updating, collection, processing of the Institute’s website with full and accurate news in three languages (Azeri, English and Russian);

Ensure that the structure of the Institute is covered by the official website of the Institute on the activities of scientific and assistant departments;

Ensure that the events held regularly at the Institute, the visit of scholars, scientific works, publishing activities (articles, monographs, books) and local media outlets to be enlightened in the site and local mass media;

Opening of official e-mails of scientists, their management and website archiving;

Placing semiannual and annual reports on scientific and scientific-organizational activities of all departments of the Institute in the official website of the Institute;

Information about the Institute’s history and scientists in the website of the Institute;