Phone (+994 50) 4902476 
Chief  Etibar Hummat Ismailov

Dr.Sci. (Chemistry), professor

Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions   Catalysis, surface chemistry, the use of spectroscopic techniques for study of composition, structure of the catalytic systems,  the mechanism of catalytic reactions 
Main scientific achievements  Intermediates,  meta- stable  compounds, products of their reactions  are  identified, the composition and the structure of these compounds are determined, the mechanism of reactions with their participation is studied for a number of significant from theoretical and practical point of view catalytic reactions. Developed   a  computer-controlled  complex, combining  EMR spectrometer, micro-catalytic reactor and the gas chromatograph for monitoring the catalytic systems  in situ condition and used to study of  theoretically and practically important catalytic reactions.

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