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Chief  Gurbanov Vagif Shikhi oglu, Dr. of Science in geology and mineralogy, prof. 
Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions  

Study of the deep structure of hydrocarbon deposits, modeling of intra-layer and inter-layer migration flows, as well as assessment of geophysical and petrophysical properties of reservoirs using modern technologies and innovative approaches;

Study and modeling of genesis and formation of hydrocarbons reservoir including giant ones in Mesozoic deposits of Azerbaijan;

Study of gas regime formation, chemical and isotopic compositions of natural gases of the Earth Crust, hydrosphere and near-surface atmosphere;

Gas-geochemical methods for economic minerals (oil, gas, sulphide ores) search;

Gas hydrates. 
Main scientific achievements 

Integrated study of natural gases of the Earth Crust, hydrosphere, near-surface atmosphere of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea allow define the change of their chemical and isotopic compositions according to different geological conditions. Models are built and quantitative assessment is given to natural gases evolution, intensity of up-to-date gas breathing of interior and its role in atmosphere contamination. Schemes for oil, gas-condensate and gas deposits formations are developed as a result of lateral migration of hydrocarbons from submerged zones of the South Caspian depression. These studies are theoretical base for development of gas-chemical criteria allowing define zones with mainly oil and gas accumulation and it provided discovering of large gas condensate fields such as Bakhar, Khara Zira, Shakhdeniz in Azerbaijan. Department members were among the researchers who discovered Guneshli field. Up-to-date high-sensitivity gas analysis instruments, various equipments for oil, gas and water sampling are used at depth 1-10000; equipment complex is developed for sampling of waterproof and bottom sediments at different sea depths.

Based on a summarising of existing experimental data on terrigenous sedimentary rocks, were refined the strain and compression coefficients, depending on pressure and temperature. A schematic three-dimensional model of the surfaces of the productive horizons has been developed for the SDKhZ field of the Baku archipelago of the South Caspian Basins. Using the method of integrated interpretation of oil and gas well sections and interwells correlation, the spatial distribution of petrophysical parameters and structural elements of the field was refined.

By means of calculated specific indexes and indicators, it is proved that fluid flow zones within oil contained formations are not continuous.

Department members participated in compiling of “Geochemical anomalies of Azerbaijan SSR” (1982) maps, “maps of oil and gas fields and prospective structures of Azerbaijan SSR” (1984), “maps of oil and gas presence of Azerbaijan SSR” (1985), “maps of mud volcanoes of Caspian Sea southern depression (1995), “maps of natural gases of Azerbaijan” (2003) scale 1:500000.

As a result of generalization of big factual material deep-biogenic hypothesis of hydrocarbons genesis was created by department.