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Chief  Dr. in chemistry Aliyeva Reyhan Vali gizi
Total number of employees 15 
Basic activity directions   Preparation of new metallorganic and ionic-liquid type catalyst systems for oligomerization and polymerization of  C3-C12  α-olefines. Investigation of systems with suitable inisiator for functionalizing polyolefins. The synthesis of phase-transition materials and Ti-, Ni-, Al-, Cu-, Fe-(nano) particles containing polymer composites based on polyethylene, polypropylene and their graft copolymers. Testing catalytic properties of sulfonated cationites and polymer nano-composites in some petrochemical processes, as well as esterification (etherification of  C4 fraction obtained from catalytic cracking and pyrolysis with ethanol, butanol, isopropanol and some monocarbon acids with higher alcohols) and catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide with methane and water. The prediction of ionic-liquid type extragents for selective separation of azeotropic mixtures from esterification of oil and fuel fractions using COSMO-RS screening method.  
Main scientific achievements  Developed simple “in situ” method for obtaining metal-organic catalytic systems which contains "grafted ionic liquid" ligands and prepared polyolefins with various properties in their presence. Investigated esterification reactions mechanisms in the presence of sulfonated derivatives of graft copolymers. Cu-, Fe-, Al- containing polymer nanocomposites and phase- transition materials which is characterized by magnetic and electrical properties and having high physical-mechanical indices and termooxidative stability have been developed. Obtained environmentally and economically efficient recyclable ionic-liquid type extragents on the basis of C4- fraction of pyrolysis and catalytic cracking which allows selective separation high-octane additives from azeotrop mixtures.