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Chief  Martynova Galina Sergeyevna

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 

Total number of employees 9
Basic activity directions   Conduction of basic and applied research in solving of geochemistry and ecology problems;

Fulfillment of quality control and analysis of wide range of materials;

Scientific and technical assistance in technical staff training; scientific and technical consulting;

Participation in Republican and International educational and scientific projects, programmes, trainings.

Department is equipped with first-rate facilities such as “PerkinElmer” possessing with the International ISO 9001 Certificate.

Research conducted in the following areas: GC/MS, ICP/MS, DLC, STA, IR/UV/VIS spectrometry.

Main scientific achievements  According to the results of the researches on geochemical criteria of fluids the employees compile the forecast of a phase condition of hydrocarbons, trace element composition of naftides is studied. The department carries out the study of the component and fractional composition of oil in the range of C3 - C40, as well as the determination of the content of alkanes, isoprenoids and cyclanes. With the help of the data on distribution cluster of oil’s n-alcanes of a wide age range there is held the division of a researched fluids on a geochemical types.

There is also produced biomarker analysis of oils and bitumens, as biomarkers are an individual characteristic (fingerprint) of a particular field of natural oil.

Significant results were obtained using geochemical methods in the search for oil and gas fields in the research of organic matter and bitumen and hydrocarbon components, as well as the identifying of the geochemical prerequisites for oil and gas potential of the Absheron archipelago.