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Chief  Dr. in chemistry Mammadov Markaz Karam oglu 
Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions   The study of scientific bases of new essential methods of reaction able alicyclic functional monomers and to identify their applicable areas. The scientific investigation for the synthesis of fragrances substances in the base of industry products has been prepared.
Main scientific achievements  The proses of preparation of the fragrant substance "Ditsilat" used in industry and on the basis of it various flavor compositions has been applied in Kharkov perfumery and cosmetics production plant "Effect" . As an example of them : "Comfort", " Lesnoy aromat ",  " Safari "and " Rose ".Extensive research on the synthesis of the alicyclic functional monomers has been investigated; as a result the method of synthesis of new monomers bicyclic, tricyclic, tetracyclic acrylate and methacrylate has been studied and on their base oligomer and polymers have been prepared which are practically extensive.

As a result of investigations 190 scientific publications has been printed. 18 of them are patents, certificates and 1 of them is monograph “Aromatic substances”.

3 Ph.D. degree awarded and highly qualified personal staff have been prepared.