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Chief  Academician Guliyev Hatam Hidayat oglu 
Total number of employees 9
Basic activity directions   Tectonophysics, mining mechanics, seismic exploration, modern geodynamics, structure and dynamics of the Earth's interior, geomechanics
Main scientific achievements  In the field of fundamental researches: the scientific bases of nonclassical tectonophysics of lithosphere were created; the existence of geological faults was proved in the bowels of the Earth on concentric spherical (literal) surfaces; nonlinear problem on distribution of density of the geological medium on depth of the Earth was solved; it was shown that this solution is unstable and the mechanism of occurrence of zones of deconsolidation at different depths of the bowels was proposed.

Tectonic multi-layering of the Earth’s interior was proved.

The conception of occurrence the destruction of continuum medium and also rocks due to the loss of stability specifically was put forward, basis of its three-dimensional theory was developed, determination method of theoretical strength limits of rocks, criteria of brittle and plastic destruction were offered within the framework of this conception and a number of concrete problems related with the Earth's present geodynamics were solved in positions of destruction mechanics for the first time.

Differential criteria of distribution of elastic and physical parameters of rocks of the internal structures of the Earth on depth were proposed; it was proved that the requirement of these criteria is not implemented in the solid core; the problem of self-oscillation of three-layered sphere, physical and mechanical properties of which are non-uniform on depth was solved to interpret the data of observations on self-oscillations of the Earth within the integral criteria.

Mechanisms of the loss of stability of structure shape on interior layers and surface shape on upper layers of the geological section were given, basis of three-dimensional non-linear theory of formation and tectonic development of oil and gas traps of anticline type and sedimentation basin were developed in complex geodynamic state by these mechanisms.

It was shown that, distribution of physical parameters along with integral criteria (Earth’s gravity, moments of inertia of the Earth, self-oscillations of the Earth, the deviation in the Earth’s rotation around its axis etc.) should also correspond to differential criteria in the structural models of the Earth; it was proposed to use homogeneous and continuous changes of strain in the capacity of such criteria. These intervals were determined in terms of the theory of strength, stability and propagation of elastic waves with substantial velocities. It was shown that these differential criteria are violated in models on the Earth’s structure adopted in geology beginning from the lower mantle, especially in the solid core.

In the sphere of innovative researches: non-classical basic model of seismic was created for processing and interpretation of seismic survey data, borehole geophysics and seismology; method of determination of non-linear physical parameters of the medium and a set of computer software package was developed for its practical application.

More than 20 major scientific and technological projects commissioned by BP, AMOCO and SOCAR were carried out using the created methods and software.

Implemented grant projects: projects #3647 (2007-2010), #5085 (2010-2011), #5602 (2012-2014), #5790 (2013-2015) Scientific and Technological Center in Ukraine (with the financial support of the European Union) and projects #17 and #18 of Science Foundation of SOCAR.